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It is never too late to learn to ride a horse at Artequus Equestrian Centre. Though it is a truly complex and tough sport, it is an activity that excites both adults and children and can be enjoyed at any age.

Our professional instructors will guide you through the basic notions to learn to ride horses. You will be able to experience this outdoor activity riding a noble and beginner-friendly horse.

You must keep in mind that riding is a unique and fun activity, but it requires a good training to be able to master it with complete lightness and skill.

Centro de equitacion

Learn how to ride a horse: First steps

  • First of all, you must have a good professional support, which advises you and trains you according to your goals in the world of riding
  • You must not force or treat aggressively your horse. Although sometimes you need to be firm and disciplined, do not hit or treat the animal badly, the animal will not respect you and will obey due to fear.
  • If at any point you feel afraid or blocked, ask for help or get off the horse. They feel and notice our emotions. Breath, relax and then carry on. Patience is essential for this sport.
  • Know previously the horse you are going to ride. The best moment for this is when brushing the animal. Before each ride it is advisable to always spend some time with your horse, clean it, caress it, and palpate its body. You might find any anomaly that could hurt the horse when riding. This moment will connect you with your companion and you will get mutual trust.

Tips to keep in mind when riding a horse

  • Avoid riding the same horse over and over. Try to ride different ones, as all of them can teach you countless things.
  • We all have fallen off a horse. It is unavoidable. Do not face it with fear. Quite the opposite, if you fall off, get up and whenever you can, get back on the animal with renewed confidence. It is important to always end up with a good feeling for you and the horse.
  • Try to learn how to prepare the animal. Show some interest in knowing how to do it. It is important that you are capable of getting on and off the horse by yourself.
  • You must keep in mind that your body is the real way to connect and guide the horse. Therefore, keeping a good position in the saddle is essential for that. Do not neglect this at any time, regardless of the exercise you are doing with your horse. The body must be relaxed in the saddle; and to keep the balance, they have to be lined up.
  • You must be aware that it is an animal and can behave in an unexpected way. That is why you have to watch it, to understand it and react appropriately.
  • And last but not least. Do not get discouraged after a hard lesson. Even if you think that you are stuck, that you have not learned enough or that you are not good at it, we have all been through those moments. Every time we progress we keep learning and it eventually becomes complicated, but that will be the time to continue enjoying these fantastic animals.



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