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Biomechanics and neurophysiology applied to artistic riding

Dr. Robert Stodulka has developed a system adapted for any horse, which through techniques based on biomechanics and neurophysiology improves efficiency and facilitates the horse’s movements in the fine and beautiful exercises of artistic riding.

Robert Stodulka, a life devoted to the horses and equestrian art

Dr. Robert Stodulka is a veterinarian and horse trainer, professor at the Veterinary Faculty of Vienna, author of several books on equestrian art and manager of the company Meinsattel, official partner of Artequus Théâtre Ecuestre.

Hi has Spanish roots and he is a great friend of the master of artistic riding, Miguel Barrionuevo. Robert is truly connected to our country, the equestrian art, horses and the Spanish culture.

His knowledge as a veterinarian and horse trainer allows him to have a different way of visualizing the animal, in a more integral and complete way. For this reason and in order to offer solutions to his customers, Robert developed a patented training system called “Medizinische Reitlehre nach Dr. Stodulka” which has been implanted with great success in clinics throughout Spain, Germany, Austria or Switzerland.


Meinsattel, a brand committed to artistic riding

Robert, who has been able to transmit his knowledge to many professionals with this technique, has also designed his own brand, with a line of saddlery products, snaffle bits and saddles. They are handcrafted goods with high quality leather and a laborious craftsmanship that shows the utmost care that Robert has for the training of the horse.

 Its main asset is the great customer support that offers detailed advice as well as the production of custom saddles made with EQUISCAN system, which measures the back of your horse.

Robert, along with the great rider and artist Alejandro Barrionuevo (AB), has developed a custom dressage saddle that combines the advantages of an English saddle combined with an Alta Escuela one. The Alejandro Barrionuevo saddle is manufactured under the seal of “Medizinische Reitlehre nach Dr. Stodulka”.

This saddle combines safety, comfort and freedom. The pommel serves as a front fastener, providing higher safety especially in jumping and difficult exercises. The deep pocket seat gives the rider greater comfort and freedom to accomplish each movement without restriction.

The frame, made of beech wood, is hand-made and customized for each horse with a stuffing of wool for the seats whose sizes range from 16” to 18”. The frame is available in black, hazel and brown colours with gold or silver buckles. You can also add your initials in the pommel to have a great touch of customization

The headcollar of Alejandro Barrionuevo’s saddle for his line AB is made of leather with a really soft touch, reinforcing the frentera. The noseband is located together with the snaffle bit. The headcollar is available for mouthpiece bit, snaffle bit and buckles specially designed by Alejandro Barrionuevo in gold or silver.

The noseband wears buckles designed by Alejandro Barrionuevo in gold or silver. The horse belt is made with high quality soft leather with two fixed reins. Each belt has a wing shaped ornament.

The snaffle bit of this line is used by Alejandro Barrionuevo to release the jaw.



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