Servicios de Pupilaje de caballos

Artequus offers you the possibility of hiring various services, from the equine care to dressage and sale of horses. You can also benefit from our livery service, where you can board your horse in boxes to receive from our qualified professionals the best of the care.

We also offer a horse-riding service to the client, so that if you cannot take care of the animal’s maintenance, you have the possibility to request this service to preserve your companion in optimal conditions. This service offers the possibility of both horse riding as well as groundworks.

Artequus Equestrian Centre provides you the opportunity to arrange a service of foal dressage, as well as dressage for the horses of our own clients, in order to reach the Alta Escuela (high school work) techniques. Alejandro Barrionuevo will be in charge of carrying out a daily dressage for as long as it is required to achieve the desired objectives through the proper performance of classical dressage exercises, in order that you have the possibility to compete in equestrian competitions and take part in horse shows.

On the other hand, our customers have the possibility of getting advice on the trade of horses in Malaga, through the guidance and experience of our staff so they can find the horse that best suits their needs, both in the province of Malaga, as outside of it, either within Spain and even in Europe. The main objective is to find the perfect companion, with whom you can enjoy together the activities that the client wants to perform.


You can click on the following images and see in detail each of the services we offer in our Equestrian Centre in Alhaurín de la Torre: