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Artistic Riding Show – Premiere of Unalome

During the month of July, our centre is preparing to receive the new creation of our company Artequus Théâtre Ecuestre with a fascinating show of artistic riding that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Attending a work by Artequus is a complete experience, in which the sound of the hooves, the neigh of a horse and the dedication of the riders lead the audience to get into a breathtaking story that mixes theatre, dance, music and other artistic disciplines.

Our centre will be transformed to recreate the old feudal Japan and tell the story of the protagonist personal journey. Alejandro Barrionuevo, our director, presents a new story expressed in a fascinating show.

Unalome, a magical show of artistic riding

espectaculo unalome

Unalome is a horse show, a story where artistic riding becomes more than art.

The joining together of horses, geishas and samurai, live music and the staging will transport you to a magical adventure which will make you enjoy this beautiful discipline.

Artistic riding symbolises the journey of life

espectaculo unalome artequus

Unalome represents the journey of life, evolution and transformation. It begins at the centre of a spiral, which portrays the weaknesses that join us together with a world full of fears and insecurities. When leaving the circle, clarity and progress towards self-knowledge will also flatten the path, making it more and more linear.

Through artistic horsemanship you will find out that at the end of that journey (unalome) there is a separate point that represents the ultimate truth, the light you have to walk towards.

Come visit Artequus, the most special Equestrian Centre of Costa del Sol, and experience a magical work of artistic horsemanship.



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