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At Artequus we work every day for you to enjoy great horse shows in Malaga, the rest of Spain and Europe. Today we are premiering our Kalazagan show at Artequus Equestrian Centre, where you can participate in an unforgettable night full of magic, passion and art. Here you can watch a trailer of one of our live performances.


This show has a magical recreation of a forest full of vegetation; an extraordinary fantasy wardrobe, a spectacular music that will transport you to another dimension; and a technical, equestrian and acrobatic display that will capture your attention, immersing you in the world of KALAZAGAN.

Once upon a time there was a small place in the world called Kalazagan, a great enchanted forest, and full of magic and colours. Its inhabitants were mythological beings that used to laugh and dance to the chirping of birds. One day a knight that had got lost from his camp appeared. He was confused and rode a beautiful chestnut horse. The beauty of the landscape made his body shudder and he stopped to contemplate the great majesty of Kalazagan. The knight could not resist and got into the depths of the forest. It did not take much time until its inhabitants noticed his presence. So the evil fairy appeared riding a beautiful chestnut mare decided to make his stay impossible. Will they let the gentleman stay in KALAZAGAN? Discover it.

We constantly notify of the exact dates and schedules of our shows. Do not miss our horse shows in Malaga.

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We share with you some pictures of the cast after finishing the show.



Thanks for always being there.



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