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Expert in artistic riding – Miguel Barrionuevo

Today we are going to tell you the story about how Miguel Barrionuevo became a real expert in artistic riding, receiving acknowledgement in Spain and Europe.

Artistic riding at Artequus Equestrian Centre

You are going to read the words of his own son Alejandro Barrionuevo, current manager of the Artequus Equestrian Centre and director of Artequus Theatre. It was at 25 years old when Miguel Barrionuevo decided to radically change his life and train in a discipline for which he had a great passion.

“My father has been riding all his life, since he practically had memory. He worked humbly as a plumber and electrical appliance deliveryman when he was just a youngster. But one day, despite the difficulties, he decided to pursue his dream: to dedicate himself to the world of horses and horse riding.”

His first stop was Seville, when trying to train with the deceased master Luis Ramos Paul, champion of Spain in reining on several occasions and dressage instructor for 7 years of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art. His son tells us a funny anecdote from then.

“My father tried to be part of his school several times, and Luis always told him that there were no vacancies left, that he should try another time. My father used to travel to Seville often to try to be part of his school, and he always got a negative answer.

One day he decided to head off the school and my father said to Luis: “I won’t move until I get a vacancy in your centre”. No sooner said than done. He spent a whole night there in front of the gate until, the next morning, Ruiz appeared and said, “There you have a broom, take it and start sweeping.” That’s how my father learned from one of the genius who left a significant mark on him.”

One of the most important instructors in the training of Miguel Barrionuevo was Luis Valença, one of the most distinguished professionals in horse riding and a reference at an international level. Miguel also learned from one of the best in Villafranca de Xila (Portugal) and it was the beginning of his foray into the world that would offer him a new life.

Rider and master in horsemanship at Artequus Centre

Lastly, we’ll talk about Manuel Carvajal Román who is, apart from rider/instructor, a dressage judge.

Alejandro Barrionuevo on Manuel Carvajal: he is a riding instructor and sport technician of equestrian disciplines such as show jumping, dressage and contests. He is part of the jury at Spanish High School Association with extensive experience in the world of riding and also dressage judge around the world.

Another instructor who left a huge mark on our beloved Miguel Barrionuevo was Nuno Oliveira, a worldwide eminence in the world of artistic riding. Nuno may be the most important and significant of all the instructor Miguel has worked with, since he is practically the creator and initiator of the horsemanship we train at our centre. It takes as a reference the same common denominator, lightness: which consists of working with the horses completely free of tension.

These four masters share their names with some streets at Artequus.


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