Espectaculares obras de teatro ecuestres de kalazagan 35
Espectaculo ecuestre ESSENTIA

Artequus Théâtre Équestre is an equestrian centre in Alhaurin de la Torre, dedicated to performances with horses. Through these shows you will see the fruit of our work and the great artistic potential of horses. We have done dozens of shows of our own and we have collaborated with large companies throughout Europe.

We perform impressive theatre plays that join rider and horse together in excellent harmony. An extraordinary staging, a crafted wardrobe, an amazing music and a substantial technical, equestrian and acrobatic deployment will catch your attention and will transport you to another dimension. Art, passion, feeling, love, strength, ability, balance, beauty and grandeur: all ingredients of our show.


To see complete information about our professional career and the news of our shows, including videos and images, please click here.