Espectáculo ecuestre internacional en Francia
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International horse show in France, La creole – ESSENTIA

We love working in our beloved Spain, but it is also a pleasure to perform an international horse show. A few weeks ago we were premiering our new Essentia show for the first time in France, in the beautiful village of La Reole. Magical nights full of charm, beautiful landscapes and some charismatic and very passionate people who gave us all their love and confidence.

Thank you very much to all the people of La Réole.

Horse shows in France

ESSENTIA is the result of years of work in the world of horse shows and the joining together of theatrical disciplines and dance. It is suitable for all audiences and created through the Dramaturgia de la Imagen and staged by Teatro Ritual. Given its ritualistic quality and imagery, ESSENTIA becomes a versatile equestrian theatre show which can be performed in all kinds of places such as squares, parks or pits. It is actually the first equestrian theatre show of this format. The artistic team is composed of Alejandro Barrionuevo, specialist in the world of the horse and artistic rider by profession, Rocío García Fernández, flamenco-fusion dancer and choreographer, Ana Barrionuevo Garfía, specialist in contemporary dance and expert in equestrian art, and Jamp Palô , actor and scene and artistic director.

We are born, we live and then die. It is the overview of life. We are born and the blood flows in us, we live and the blood keeps within us, we die and the blood disappears forever. The essence of life is a galloping race destined to become extinct and, despite fighting to avoid death, it will eventually end.

Essentia narrates the strength of the human being to keep existence beyond life, beyond the blood that involves death, but what would happen if someone refused to exist?

You will witness the fight between blood and death, between life and the last breath. It is definitely a story that we all will live once in our existence.

You cannot miss our new horse show. We will be performing it in different Spanish cities.


Human/equestrian team: one rider, three horses, one dancer, one flamenco dancer,  and actor that performs Alta Escuela (High School Works) and fantasy exercises.

Duration: about 45 minutes.

Where can it be performed? In any place or surface.

Here you can watch a best moments teaser of the international equestrian show Essentia in La Reole, France.


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Por último os dejamos un teaser de los mejores momentos del espectáculo ecuestre internacional Essentia en La Réole, Francia.


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