Grabación Onda Azul TV en Artequus


The Malaga radio and television station Onda Azul TV has made a news story at Artequus Equestrian Centre where we show you and tell about our world of artistic riding and equestrian shows. In this documentary you will be able to enjoy watching many of the services we offer (artistic dressage, reining, sidesaddle riding, long reins, groundworks, carousel, etc.) and we explain what the Baroque Dressage and artistic riding.

It was a beautiful day, at Artequus every horseman or horsewoman prepared his horse, brushed, braided and gave the final touches for the recording. Finally the cameras arrived and the journalists began to shoot. We were explaining them and showing them one by one the disciplines that we offer at our Centre.

Documentary at our Equestrian Centre in Malaga

Artequus is an Artistic Riding Centre; its hallmarks are art, elegance, harmony and lightness. Our passion is to feel every stride on horseback as well as achieving that our breathing and our movements become only one. When the horse and rider are truly blended they form such a perfect and beautiful coupling that nothing is able to break it. A connection that goes far beyond riding. Together they are able to perform the purest movements and to pierce the soul of the observer. That is the real horsemanship, the one for which we work every day at Artequus and the one we teach to each one of our pupils.

We thank Onda Azul TV for such a beautiful documentary, for giving us the opportunity to show you the beautiful world of the horse from our perspective. We hope you have felt right at home. Here you will be always welcome. Thank you.

And to all of you: love your horse, learn to feel it and put your soul in motion!

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