Specialised in both classical and artistic dressage, horse shows from beginner to advanced level

Miguel Barrionuevo

Miguel Barrionuevo (1959-2015)

Master in artistic riding and founder of Artequus

Born in Malaga, he began his career in the city of Seville being the pupil of Mr. Luis Ramos Paul. He then moved to Portugal and did his training with the teachers D. Nuno Oliveira and D. Luis Valenca Rodrigues. He took part in several contests, proclaiming himself Champion of Andalusia in the year 1992 and 1993 in the functionality classification, and in 1995 he became Champion of Champions in the same category. At the end of his training he began his professional development, creating in 1989 the Artequus Equestrian Centre.

Miguel Barrionuevo was a great Master of artistic horse riding, thus forming a temple in which he gave life to dozens of horse shows full of elegance, art and feeling. Don Miguel said farewell to us but he has left us an established school, a riding style, a way of feeling horsemanship, a passion and a great family that he created and loved with all his soul, Artequus.

Alejandro Barrionuevo

Alejandro Barrionuevo

Professional rider in artistic riding and horse shows

Born in Malaga in 1983. From a very young age he began to ride and collaborate with his father, Miguel Barrionuevo, who guided and taught him. Alejandro has made countless horse shows of his own and in participation with the best horse shows in the world.

He has been trained as an instructor and has taught courses throughout Europe.

He currently participates in several shows of his own creation and he is a riding instructor at Artequus, following in his father’s footsteps. He teaches his students the art of feeling, beauty and harmony between rider and horse.

paloma barrionuevo

Paloma Ferrando Sánchez

Professional horsewoman and riding instructor

She started in the equestrian world from a very young age. Paloma was trained by Miguel Barrionuevo and worked with him for more than 25 years, performing horse shows throughout Europe. She has also been trained as an equestrian instructor and has taught for many years in the equestrian centres in Malaga. Nowadays, she is a horse riding trainer in our centre and teaches different specialties: dressage, reining, alta escuela, horsewoman riding and equine therapy both for children and adults and from beginner to expert level.

Marta Woltosz

Marta Woltolsz

Os presentamos a los protagonistas del Centro, ellos nos regalan su energía, paciencia y nobleza y nos ayudan a tener la mejor experiencia en la equitación artística